Safety is a culture. ValSource’s Construction and Site Safety Solutions universally exceed the requirements and regulations of various government and regulatory agencies.

The Approach.

By teaching and nurturing a safety culture, we help you grow and root an organic “self-policing” environment. Over time, this leads to a virtually safety-incident free organization. The safety culture begins at the point of concept. Safety planning and process development at this early stage provide opportunities to engineer foreseeable and predictable safety issues “out of the project,” before they start.

The safety culture presents a compounding success model. As the safety culture becomes progressively more ingrained, its benefits to all stakeholders are increased.

The Pains.

Reliance on a “safety cop” model, static safety

Incompletely adopted and executed safety programs.

Outdated safety programs.

Reactive safety programming.

“One size fits all” safety programs.

Recidivist safety violations.

The Relief.

Participant driven, self-sustaining safety culture.

Organic, intentionally inclusive safety culture.

Current and pioneering safety programming.

Culture driven, proactive safety programming that engages and empowers.

Customized safety programming from project-to-project and phase-to-phase.

Near zero and zero-incident safety programming.

Construction & Site Safety Solutions

  • Safety data collection & analysis
  • Site safety coaching
  • Site safety mentoring
  • Corporate & site-specific safety planning
  • Project audits
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Pre-project safety management
  • Project safety management
  • Safety staffing
  • Safety consulting
  • Safety culture facility messaging & collateral
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • OSHA construction & general industry training
  • Representation & mediation
  • Hazardous waste operations – Hazwoper
  • Confined space entry & rescue
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • ISNetworld support
  • Written health & safety programs
  • Accident & incident investigations
  • Contractor qualification