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PDA 490 “Going Deeper than Human Error: Finding More Specific Root Causes to Incidents Involving People” Training with Jim Vesper

“Human error” is one of the most commonly – and inappropriately – given reasons for unwanted events in the pharma and biopharma industry, even with the pushback from regulatory authorities around the world. Errors involving people do occur, but there are models and approaches that can be used to delve deeper and uncover root, contributing, and proximal causes.

During the training course, participants will be able to explore and use different models that are effective in determining what caused or contributed to the category of human error events. Participants can take these models and tools back to their job to use and share with others. Successful application of these models and tools will contribute to finding better and more creative corrective actions and preventive actions, thereby reducing these often-recurring events. Participants will be asked to read in advance an article about an aviation incident which will be used as one of several case studies and activities.

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