Project Delivery

The Approach.

We are the only company executing Line of Sight approaches to uncover solutions. Starting with the desired outcome as the key driver informing our efforts, we link every critical process from the final product all the way back to the beginning—the design phase. ValSource engages at the design-engineering phase, capturing and sharing all critical design information universally, before specifications are developed.

This information is carried through the entire project lifecycle, using our Line of Sight method and proprietary project management tools.

We place the entire team on the same single sheet of paper. Working with you, we take ownership of the entire process through equipment purchase, expediting, FAT and install, startup, qualification, validation and maintenance.

The Pains.

The inability to manage change.

Schedule management and trade coordination.

Rolling schedule.

Priority silos relying on luck and chance between team members.

Varying and undefined customer site expectations.

Poor data and document management.

The Relief.

Early involvement in the design process. Changes and supporting reasoning clearly communicated to the team.

Building a logical, attainable schedule that respects all participants.

One integrated schedule. A strong scheduling lead team member.

Appropriate project deliverables and processes established and communicated up front.

Comprehensive data and document management.