ValSource Learning Solutions contributes to developing the GMP knowledge and skills of personnel at all levels within your organization.  As technology and expectations change, it is critical that people unlearn and relearn so they can meet current demands and future challenges.  We can help accomplish that.

The Approach.

Companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and national regulatory authorities all benefit from creative, active, and engaging learning solutions.  ValSource Learning Solutions deliver effective and efficient methods for sharing, sustaining, and expanding knowledge, skills, and expertise.  We align the needs of the learners and the organization with the goals and content of the learning.  We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to training.

It’s not just the what but the why.  We know people are more motivated and will consistently perform better if they have an understanding of the scientific and regulatory rationales behind an expectation or practice.  By using activities, case studies, and real-world situations, participants develop critical thinking skills and see why their work contributes to the health and safety of those using the medical products they help develop and produce.

Using best learning and knowledge-transfer practices, ValSource Learning Solutions produces leader-led, e-learning, and technology-based solutions on topics such as:

·      Basic and advanced GMP training

·      Risk-based thinking (RBT) and quality risk management (QRM)

·      Root-cause investigations and corrective actions

·      Aseptic practices

·      GMP updates for senior management

·      Preparing for regulatory inspections

The Pains.

Leadership and team members’ lack of current knowledge and relevant best practices in critical GMP issues—data integrity, sterility assurance, investigation techniques, and risk-based thinking.

Reliance on static, ineffective “spray and pray” approaches to training.

Training and human performance not integrated into the quality and knowledge management systems.

Inconsistent and incomplete messaging.

Lack of professionals proficient in developing and delivering learning solutions.

The Relief.

Innovatively delivered, current information spanning regulation and expectations.

Efficient, effective and dynamic knowledge delivery models.

Consistent messaging development and delivery.

Learning solutions developed and optimized to suit your people’s needs and your organization’s culture.

Industry experts who contribute to global best-of-industry practices and solutions.