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2021 Review: ValSource creative solutions during the pandemic – Part 1
January 10, 2022

ValSource’s agility and problem-solving during the pandemic created new, ground-breaking ways of doing business. Kelly Waldron, Senior Consultant/Business Unit Head, Quality at ValSource, outlines how we helped our clients respond to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on their business and address the public need for safe, speedy, and effective COVID-19 therapies.

100% Remote Risk Assessment – Overnight.

ValSource’s quick call to action, remote readiness, and “activate if impacted” planning effectively minimized threats to operations and quality within the industry.

  • PPE Shortage Solutions
    When personal protective equipment (PPE) used for GMP gowning needed to be redirected to health care providers, our Quality Risk Management team jumped into action to develop and outline various strategic plans designed to help our clients mitigate risk. These carefully evaluated plans include alternative PPE supply chains as well as workable blueprints for streamlining the need – creating more efficient PPE usage for continued production.
  • Workforce Impact Solutions
    The serious implications of the coronavirus immediately called for elevated safety procedures to help slow and reduce the spread. Working around the clock, our Quality Risk Management team developed a series of plans and cross-training procedures to help clients continue operations given reduced staffing. Each plan for safety included CDC established standards alongside business continuity guidance for in-office operation – ensuring safe working environments within the industry continued to run.
  • Logistic Solutions
    Our industry played a critical role in the development and roll-out of safe and effective vaccines and therapeutics to combat COVID worldwide. To ensure speed to market while maintaining high levels of product quality and meeting unprecedented demand, our Quality Risk Management team developed novel risk – and science-based strategic plans, approaches to product and process development and scale-up, and communication pathways, enabling product approval and availability of these life-saving drugs.

“To help so many people through the pandemic has been the highlight of my career.” – Kelly Waldron, Senior Consultant/Business Unit Head, Quality at ValSource

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