ValSource Dispels Pharma Dogma as Myth

ValSource, LLC (“ValSource”), this week made a bold declaration for the pharmaceutical validation industry. ValSource Chief Operating Officer Hal Baseman comments, “We debunk the longstanding and misguided myth that there must be a negative relationship between cost and quality.” He went on to say, “Increased quality does not necessarily result in increased cost and decreased profit.  When process risks are properly identified and addressed, using sound scientific methods, profit should follow increased quality. This distinction is critical for the pharmaceutical industry considering valuing investments of time, talent and financial resources.”

Baseman’s declaration, is illustrated in a series of articles on Line of Sight, Risk Evaluation Methods published in the PDA Letter (June 2016 edition) is a result of ValSource’s more than 20 years experience understanding clients’ products and processes.  The Line of Sight approach to process control and validation has a defendable track record of increasing clients’ profits, while achieving universal compliance.  Some in the industry have long considered that compliance and quality are directly related to cost and time. “The opposite is true. We can say with confidence that the safest, most compliant method can be the most efficient, the fastest and the method that results in increased profitability,” comments Baseman.   ValSource concluded the basis of true compliance and process robustness are both the result of science and process understanding. By debunking the myth of cost and quality conflict, pharmaceutical companies should and will recognize and better implement these profit inducing solutions.

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