ValSource Announces Rapid Response Team

ValSource today announced the ValSource Rapid Response Team. The team is a fast action, fast response group for clients needing to promptly address regulatory and compliance citation matters. The team was developed and strategically staffed to quickly mobilize and respond within the short time frames required for regulatory matters.

The team is comprised of ValSource’s senior knowledge group that includes specialists in microbiology, contamination prevention, process control, validation, data integrity, training, quality risk management, regulatory expectations and overall quality system implementation. ValSource Chief Operating Officer Hal Baseman commented, “This team is exceptional for their expertise. That has always been the case. What is new is the speed at which they can execute.” Baseman continued, “This comes from strategic, purposeful forethought, planning and staging.” Baseman also pointed to ValSource’s local regional offices that are strategically positioned across the United States as another factor benefiting the team’s capability.

The Rapid Response Team reviews technical and regulatory materials, presenting findings and data via approved vehicles and platforms to address regulatory concerns, microbiological procedures, data management, acceptance criteria and responses to Health Authority questions.

The knowledge tools and solutions ValSource delivers simplify complex issues and foster knowledge transfer to increase client self-sufficiency. Where possible, ValSource works closely with all relevant technical personnel and managers. Contact the Rapid Response Team directly at for more information.