Assessing Environmental and Critical Utilities Excursions

american pharma review amanda cover Quality Risk Management and Microbiology Consultant Amanda Bishop McFarland has been published by American Pharmaceutical Review (“APR”). APR is the leading review journal for business and technology in the pharmaceutical industry throughout North America. McFarland’s cover feature, “Risk-Based Microbial Assessment Tool (R-MAT): A Novel Approach to Assessing Environmental and Critical Utilities Excursions” describes how the R-MAT can both assist in determining the appropriate actions for addressing excursions and help organizations develop a proactive means of preventing excursions.

“Despite the opportunity to employ risk management, some firms are still struggling with using risk-based methods when it comes to environmental monitoring and critical utilities excursions,” McFarland says. “Combining risk-based strategies with the use of a cross-functional team leads to stronger knowledge sharing and, ultimately, knowledge management throughout a firm.” McFarland continued, “By fostering a consistent and focused strategy for investigating excursions, organizations are better able to hone in on elements that prevent excursions from occurring in the first place.”

Amanda-McFarlandFor more than 15 years, Amanda McFarland has specialized in the creation and implementation of risk management programs, and in the development of custom risk-based strategies for use in Quality Systems. She has a Bachelors of Science (Entomology) and a Masters of Science (Mycology) from the University of Florida. Amanda is an active member of the Parenteral Drug Association (“PDA”), a faculty member of the PDA’s Quality Risk Management courses and co-lead of the PDA’s Quality Risk Management Interest Group.

Amanda can be reached at  Her article for APR is available HERE.