About Us

A privately held company, since 1995 ValSource has remained the better solution for the regulated pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The ValSource family of companies delivers Line of Sight approach consulting services, resources and solutions for the biological, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries.

The Line of Sight approach begins with the end objective in mind. It links critical phases of process development, validation, and manufacturing, doing what is necessary, but only what is necessary, to ensure effective, compliant processes. By process mapping from the desired outcome to the process start, we logically develop better objective-focused solutions.

ValSource’s 200-strong talent force is comprised of fulltime employees. We are mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer engineers, computer scientists, chemical engineers, chemists, statisticians, life scientists and microbiologists. As industry leaders, we serve in positions of consequence, using critical thinking to help shape the conversation and drive progress for our industry and the clients we serve.